Anika Kozlowski

Assistant Professor, Fashion Design, Ethics & Sustainability

BSc. Joint Honours Microbiology/Psychology, University of Manitoba

BDes. Fashion Design, Ryerson University

MASc. Sustainable Fashion, Ryerson University

Phone: 416-979-5000

Ex. 4843


KHW 59 D


As a designer and academic I am continuously intrigued by the power of fashion as a social zeitgeist and a catalyst for change. This curiosity is what diverted my attention from a career in science to one in fashion. Working as a designer in the industry opened my eyes to the environmental destruction and social injustices that plague the fashion industry. That’s when I knew my future path would be in harnessing the creativity and power of fashion/designers for innovation in developing a sustainable fashion industry. Feeling the need to share my skills and learn more about social justice first hand, I left for Africa to teach women how to sew at a cooperative in Rwanda before dedicating myself to grad studies. Currently I am finishing my PhD in sustainable fashion and have recently founded Sum Journal, an online platform discussing sustainable fashion, creating awareness and highlighting recent innovations.

Recent Professional Projects

My current PhD research focuses on how the fashion apparel design process can induce sustainable consumption behaviours through consumer engagement, sustainability-driven innovative and business models. As a runner and marathoner, the global urban running movement and its community engagement through online social media platforms such as Instagram and Nike+ has inspired my phd work. A global family, under the moniker “Bridge the Gap” empowers women, fosters a healthy lifestyle and creates true bonds that transcends borders. This continues to form the basis of my on-going research, which focuses on design process, value, consumer behaviours, engagement, innovative business model, biotech, and technologies related to the sustainability of the textile and clothing industry.

By interviewing sustainable fashion designers, working with an entrepreneur and analyzing current design tools, I can see the broader patterns of consumer engagement, barriers, opportunities, business model development and overall design process. I have created a sustainable design canvas which incorporates a series of building blocks for designers to work through in an iterative manner to further develop sustainability into their brand.

Publications & Exhibitions

Kozlowski, A., Bardecki, M., & Searcy, C. (2016). Innovation for a sustainable fashion industry: A design focused approach toward the development of new business models. In S.S. Muthu & M.A. Gardetti (Eds.), Green Fashion (pp.151-170). Singapore: Springer.

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Academic Conferences

DMI Academic Design Management Conference//London, UK (2014)

Presenter - Sustainable fashion: A re-conceptualization of the role of fashion design Sustainable & Innovative Fashion Seminar//Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland (2013)

Invited Presenter - Innovation for a Sustainable Fashion Industry: A Design Focused Approach  International Researcher Workshop on Sustainable Fashion//Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark (2013)

Invited Presenter - Sustainable innovation in the fashion industry: A design focused approach towards the development of new business models.

Program Streams: 

Fashion Design