Anna Romanovska

Contract Lecturer

BDes Fashion Design, Ryerson University

MEd Adult Education: Curriculum Theory and Design, Brock University

Phone: 416-979-5000

Ex. 6443


KHW 261


I am an artist, costume designer and educator. I have taught courses in the field of visual communications, such as design fundamentals, colour, fashion illustration, and digital textile design. Currently I am a PhD Candidate at OISE, University of Toronto specializing in Adult Education and Community Development. My current research interests include decolonization, costumes and fashion as visual communicators, identity development, life history research, and arts-informed research methodologies.

Recent Professional Projects

Working title for my dissertation in progress: A subdued palette of subversion: artistic expression, creativity and family coping strategies in Soviet Latvia. For my doctoral work my intent, as a Latvian speaking witness of Soviet times, with Russian as my second language and English as my language of academic expression, is to contribute to the historiography of Soviet Latvia and provide insights into how artists and designers under authoritarian regimes negotiate everyday life in a meaningful and creative fashion. It is both as an artist and as a researcher that I want to tell my story. The theoretical framework that I apply to my life history research on my lived experiences in Soviet Latvia is guided by arts-informed research methodologies. This personal account will prove valuable for educators who liaise with persons who lived or are living currently in oppressive circumstances; and will make a contribution to the field of arts-informed research and transformative learning theory.

Publications & Exhibitions

Romanovska, A., Williams, J., Forrest, J. (2015). Tech-Assisted and Experiential Education in FSN221 Fundamentals of Design & Colour II: Towards a Mix of Digital, Experiential and Dyadic Methods. Paper presented at the Ryerson Faculty Conference, Toronto, Canada

Romanovska, A. (2014) Tech-Assisted Education in the field of Textile Design: Towards a Mix of Digital and Dyadic Methods. Paper presented at the Conference CSEA / SCEA Visual Revival 2014, Halifax, Canada

Romanovska, A. (2014, January 29). Subdued Palette: The Use of Colour and Illustrations to Access Memory in Life History. Paper presented at the 2nd Conference on Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research, Granada, Spain.

Romanovska, A. (2014, March 13-15). Subdued Palette: Using the Color Spectrum and Illustrations to Retrieve Memories of Life in Soviet Latvia. Paper presented at the 2014 Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies Yale University, NewHaven, CT

Romanovska, A. (2011). Sustainability, Fashion Design, and Consumerism: Entry Level Fashion Students' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Habits. Saarbr├╝cken, DK: Lamber Academic Publishing

Program Streams: 

Fashion Communication