Beatriz Juarez

Contract Lecturer

BDes Visual Communication, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City

Phone: 416-979-5000

Ex. 6443


KHW 261


I am a very passionate Creative Director with a record in positioning, expanding and maintaining the visual integrity of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands through innovative editorial strategies while respecting international and local mandates.
I graduated from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City from Visual Communication Design, and started working on lifestyle magazines as Art Director before graduating.

During my 22 year career, I’ve developed visual languages that have adapted to different consumers and IT platforms. I am the principal at, where I work as Art Director and Creative Consultant for the fashion communications and retail industry with clients in Canada, USA, Canada, Mexico and Germany. My work includes conceptualizing and producing creative content for non-profit and cultural organizations.

I am the co-founder and Creative Director of the Fashion and Style Publication HERRINGBONE Magazine (, a lifestyle magazine committed to changing consumer perceptions on sustainability, inclusivity and diversity in fashion through creative work.

My teaching experience has reinforced my spirit of mentorship and commitment to the creative process. I like to encourage students to engage in critical thinking by exploring the relationship between theory, research and practice. My philosophy is a hands-on approach; through experiential learning, the student can witness how every step in the creative process is necessary to come up with the right solution to a particular challenge, and they realize the only way to fully engage is through doing. I like to encourage a healthy critique in class, respecting linear and non-linear ideation processes; both frameworks serve as tools to enable the students to recognize how they work and as a result, better reflect on their own process as they move through it. I like to engage students by sharing creative challenges I’ve faced during my career by asking them what will be their solution and finally bringing insight through discovery, exploration and reflection.

Publications & Exhibitions


ELLE Canada Magazine
St. Joseph’s Media/Toronto Life
Rogers Media/FLARE
Toronto Arts Council
Toronto Animated Image Society
Toronto Fashion Week
Ostertag Berlin
Berlin Collective
Televisa Publishing

Program Streams: 

Fashion Communication