Ben Barry

Chair, Associate Professor of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

BA Honours Women's Studies (University of Toronto)

MPhil Innovation and Strategy (University of Cambridge)

PhD Management (University of Cambridge)

Phone: 416-979-5000

Ex. 7318


KHS 243 J


My mission is to use fashion to foster inclusion, community and equity. I strive to help design a fashion system and society in which all bodies are seen as valuable and desirable. In my classes and supervisions, I work with students to uncover, confront and transform how fashion establishes ideals and consequently marginalizes, stigmatizes and excludes particular bodies. My own research uncovers the experiences of people—especially of individuals who are marginalized due to disability, race, gender identity and other axes of identity—when engaging with fashion images and clothing in everyday life in order to uncover how fashion can challenge and transform inequities. Before I started at Ryerson, I founded the first modeling agency in the world dedicated to promoting models of all bodies, ages and abilities.

In July 2018, I was appointed Chair of the School of Fashion. The Toronto Star published a profile about my mission for the school and our students ( I also serve as Director of the Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change ( ) and Co-Editor of Fashion Studies (

Recent Professional Projects

Title: Refashioning Masculinity: The Use of Fashion to Deconstruct and Reimagine Men’s Gendered Identities

Description: My current research project, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), explores men’s fashion consumption in the digital age. I am examining the challenges men experience due to gender norms and the opportunities to use fashion to empower them to celebrate gender diversity. The first stage of this project is interviews with 50 men that are carried out in their homes with the contents of their wardrobes used to prompt discussions. Picking out particular garments, the men explain the personal meanings and histories imbued in their clothing and accessories. The second stage of the project is a fashion show with the men who participated in the interviews in order to explore the fashion show’s potential to promote dialogue about gender and inspire social change. The project will result in a book on men’s fashion consumption and gender identities in the digital age.

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Publications & Exhibitions

Barry, Ben (forthcoming), Fabulous masculinities: Refashioning the fat and disabled male body, Fashion Theory.

Barry, Ben (2018), (Re)fashioning masculinity: Social identity and context in men's hybrid masculinities through dress, Gender & Society 34(4), 638–662.

Barry, Ben and Nathaniel Weiner (2017), Suited for success: Suits, status and hybrid masculinity, Men and Masculinities. Online early view.

Barry, Ben (2017), What happens when men don’t conform to masculine clothing norms at work? Harvard Business Review, August 31.

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Barry, Ben (2007), Fashioning Reality: A New Generation of Entrepreneurship, Toronto: Key Porter.

Previous MRPs Supervised

"Fashioning Reconciliation: Clothing in Residential Schools and Indigenizing the Fashion System" by Riley Kucheran. 2018-

"Fashioning the Post-Colonial: Reading Cultural Representations in Vogue Mexico & Latin America and Vogue Arabia Editorials" by Martyne Bluege Alphonso. 2017-2018

"Fashioning the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Costume Design as Mad Resistance in the Post-Network Era" by Michel Ghanem. 2017-2018

"Maadaadizi: Strategies for Indigenous Luxury Fashion Designers" by Riley Kucheran. 2016-2017

"Everyday Passing: The Heteronormative Dress of Gay Men" by Daniel Bernard. 2016-2017

"Does This Shirt Make Me Look Gay? The Invisibility of Hegemonic Masculinity & Heterosexual Men’s Dress" by Samuel Hardwicke-Brown. 2016-2017

"Blog Consumption: How Females Engage with Fashion in the Digital Age" by Catherine Bialowas. 2015

"Inclusive Exclusivity? An Exploratory Case Study on Luxury Brand Marketing" by Elizabeth Litwack. 2014

"Dapper Dudes: An Exploration of Young Men’s Fashion Consumption and Conceptions of Masculinity" by Dylan Martin. 2014

"The Forgotten Woman: An Exploratory Study of Baby Boomers’ Attitudes Towards Fashion Magazines" by Danielle DesRosiers. 2013

"Consuming Capital, Fashioning Identity: An Exploratory Study on Men’s Luxury Fashion Consumption" by Rebecca Holland. 2013

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