Chris Kim

Contract Lecturer

BA Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University

MA Media Production, Ryerson University

PhD Computer Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (ongoing)

Phone: 416-979-5000

ex. 6443


KHW 261


Currently serving the Ryerson School of Fashion as the Web instructor, I am a designer with love for a minimalist approach to digital media production. An advocate of the “less is more” philosophy, I focus on producing universal solutions that are rigorous, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Beyond the undergraduate years at Ryerson University, I have been working in collaboration with a variety of Canadian and international institutions including the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Bell Media, and Oxfam International as a digital media consultant. In continuation of my academic career, I am currently part of an information visualization research group named "vialab" at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, located in Oshawa, Ontario. My main research interests include art-science collaborations, issues of appropriation and originality, and models of the creative process. An avid listener of jazz and bossa nova music, I find inspiration from works of artists like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Piet Mondrian – and strive to achieve balance between form, function, and context.

Recent Professional Projects

Lexichrome: Examining Word-Color Associations with Visualization

Conference: IEEE Conference on Information Visualization URL: Authors: Chris Kim,Christopher Collins

Abstract: Based on a comprehensive word-color association lexicon, we present Lexichrome: a web-based application that offers its visitors an ability to browse a catalogue of visual relationships between words and colors. Additionally, the application seeks to allow literary scholars, brand managers, and writers to further examine a trend in the popular notion of word-color associations through user-provided texts.

Publications & Exhibitions

Representative clients and affiliations:
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Oxfam International

The Malala Fund

Swiss Natural


History Channel



Publications and awards:
Featured in publications: Applied Arts Magazine, étapes, echoReview

Winner of the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards

Winner of the 2014 Elle Fashion Film Competition

Featured in the 2014 Whistler Film Festival

Featured in the 2012 Toronto Korean Film Festival

Featured in the 2012 SHORTSNONSTOP Film Competition

Winner of the 2010 Applied Arts Magazine Awards

Program Streams: 

Fashion Communication