Dushan Milic

Contract Lecturer

MFA in Digital Futures, OCAD University

Dip in Illustration & Graphic Arts at Sheridan College (Honours)

Cert. in Art Fundamentals, Sheridan College (Honours)

Phone: 416-979-5000

Ex. 6443


KHW 261



I am a Toronto-based interdisciplinary visual communicator driven by endless curiosity, a deep interest in knowledge and creative facilitation, and love of conceptualization. My evocative, conceptually driven imagery has garnered over 40 awards including American Illustration, Communication Arts, The Alberta Magazine Awards (Gold, Silver and Best Illustration) while working with some of today’s most influential publications and brands like the Globe and Mail, Y&R Beijing for Penguin Books, the Walrus, the Progressive, and Runner’s World. My research explores the sublime, information visualization, and art/design. When I’m not teaching or drawing, I can be found happily whizzing around on two wheels and reading about science.

Recent Professional Projects

I am currently illustrating and designing for clients across North America. My research investigates the roll of the sublime in illustration, design, and information visualization. This includes the Sublime Apparatus: a stationary bicycle that allows riders to experience data from the surface of Mars, the perturbations of the 2009 stock market crash, and a heart beat by entangling topographic data and bodily tension.

Publications & Exhibitions

Arnold Worldwide / BassPro
American Airways
American Medical News
Atlantic Monthly
BC Credit Union
Bloomberg Small Biz
The Boy Scouts
Business Week
Cottage Life
The Globe & Mail
Graniph: Japan/Australia
LA Times
LA Weekly
New York Times
NYT Review Of Books
Outside Magazine
Perdue University/ Sycamore Review
Popular Mechanics
Quirk Books
Runner’s World
Spafax Canada
Ontario Innovation Trust
University of Alberta
The Village Voice
The Wall St. Journal
The Walrus
Young & Rubicam Beijing/Penguin Books

Program Streams: 

Fashion Design