Program Overview

General Information

Visit the 2018-2019 Undergraduate Calendar to get a breakdown, by semester, of the courses that are taken from year one to year four in both Fashion Communication and Fashion Design.

Quick Facts

  • The first year of the four-year program is common to all Ryerson Fashion students. This foundation year is designed to give you a general overview of the knowledge and skills applicable to all branches of the fashion industry.
  • After your first year, you begin to specialize in either: Fashion Communication or Fashion Design.
  • In the Fashion Communication stream you take business-related courses in the fields of marketing, business, communication and fashion combined with professional studies in design, illustration, typography, photography and more. 
  • In the Fashion Design stream you take intermediate and advanced design courses in apparel, knitwear, textile, fashion and society, product management, tailoring and more.

Get Involved

Join the Fashion Union, who are here to support and guide students at the School of Fashion (SOF); the union represents SOF students and their opinions when they meet with faculty.

Ryerson University has over 40 Student Groups for you to explore your interests, tap into your strengths and meet like-minded people. Visit the Ryerson Students' Union to get a comprehenive list of the different associations, student groups, course unions and workshops you can join during your time at RU and the School of Fashion.